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Filming At Tunnelclub: About

Alongside our events, we have seen a lot of demand for our space as a filming location. We have worked with many productions over the years such as the BBC, The Rap Game, world renowned director Steven Spielberg & various other producers.  

Features & Styles

  • Exposed Materials

  • Industrial aesthetics

  • Situated in a railway arch

  • Versatile

  • Bars

  • High Ceilings

  • Sound Systems

  • Lighting 

  • LED Screen

  • Space available for advertising

Location Summary

  • Various large spaces

  • Power Points available

  • 2 floors

  • Space available for Equipment & catering

  • Easy access next to Motorway

  • Parking available permits will have to be acquired

  • Representative on location

  • Safe neighbourhood

  • We predominately operate on weekends: Friday & Saturday evenings

  • Toilets available 

Filming At Tunnelclub: About

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Filming At Tunnelclub: Contact
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